About Our Company: We have been in business since 2001 and we are located in the heart of Wisconsin. We run multiple online businesses and this shipping service was built out of necessity, as the world becomes more reliant on online ordering and shipping packages to customers, we needed a better way to get highly discounted rates to stay competitive in the market. What's more, our service is absolutely free!

Who Can Use This Service: Any single online seller or small to large company can use our service. Our website will allow you to print fedex labels at highly discounted rates. However, we do require that all users are first pre-approved. Contact us today to see if you qualify.

How It Works: You can print single labels directly to your label printer or save them to a PDF for easy emailing to your distributors if needed. We also offer the ability to batch import CSV files to print mutliple labels at once. There are some restrictions on what type of products can be shipped, but these will be explained once approved.

Grow Your Business: As you already know, shipping rates affect your selling price and are one of the most important things to beat out your competion. We create the opportunity to expand your business, and the more shipping our customers do with us, the better our rates continue to get and those lower rates are then passed along to you.